6/12 Book Launch: “The Holy Land in Observant Franciscan Texts (c.1480-1650): Theology, Travel and Territoriality”, Marianne Ritsema Van Eck

On 6 December, Marianne Ritsema Van Eck will present her new book, titled: “The Holy Land in Observant Franciscan Texts (c.1480-1650): Theology, Travel and Territoriality.” (Leiden: Brill, 2019)

The presentation includes a panel discussion with Prof. Guy Geltner (UvA), Dr. Pietro Delcorno (RU), and Prof. Peter Hoppenbrouwers (Leiden), as well as a pop-up exhibition of rare books from the Leiden Special Collections, presented by the author.

The event is followed by a drinks reception (“borrel”). RSVP!

  • Date: December 6 2019
  • Time: 15:15-17:00 (followed by drinks)
  • Location: University Library, Witte Singel 27, Leiden
  • Room: Heinsiuszaal

Read more:

The last 25 years have seen a strong growth of interest in and study of the Franciscan vision not only in areas of philosophy, theology, and spirituality, but also in its application to social, missionary and pastoral work, art, liturgy and exegesis. Building on the wealth of new material emerging, this annual publication addresses current themes in interdisciplinary research on the Franciscan movement from its foundation down to the Catholic Reformation of the late 16th century.

In The Holy Land in Observant Franciscan Texts (c. 1480–1650) Marianne Ritsema van Eck analyses for the first time the development of the complex Observant Franciscan engagement with the Holy Land during the early modern period. During these eventful centuries friars of the Franciscan establishment in Jerusalem increasingly sought to cultivate strong ideological ties between themselves and the Holy Land, participating actively in contemporary literatures of geographia sacra and Levantine pilgrimage and travel. It becomes clear how the friars constructeda collective memory using the ideological canon of their order – featuring Bonaventurian theology, marvels of the east, cartography, apocalyptic visions of history, calls for Crusade, and finally a possessio-pilgrimage of the Holy Land by Francis.

Marianne P. Ritsema van Eck, Ph.D. (2017), University of Amsterdam, is assistant professor at the University of Leiden. She specializes in late medieval and early modern religious history, and has published on pilgrimage and travel, historical cartography, graffiti, and sacri monti.

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